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Lent: Just more Catholic stuff?

Well, it's Lent. At least I think it is. Seems like I read it somewhere. Or... No, wait, I think it begins tomorrow. I never know about that Catholic stuff, you know? Seems like not many other Christians care too much about it, either.

I grew up in a Fundamentalist church, one that encouraged me to cross the street if I saw a priest or nun walking toward me. And I did just that. I was an arrogant bigot, and all I can say in my defense is that I was young and didn't know better. But I thank God that he freed me from that sort of nonsense a long time ago. And yet, there's this Lent business. Isn't that as Catholic as priests and nuns?

Aquinas Surfs the Web

Greetings 21st-century Slackers!

My name is Thomas Aquinas, but you can call me Your Magisterium. You modern goobers have NO idea how easy you have it! When I was your age I had to walk over 100 miles in the freezing cold just to get onto the internet! But you, you can just sit on your grand posteriors and slip in and out of the Middle Ages with a mere click of your mouse. Wimps!

To prove my point, look at how easy it is to access my great writings! Theology Website has just added FOUR of my, er, Your Magisterium's works to their E-Text collection! Can you believe it? And they're translated, for crying out loud, so you slackers don't even have to learn Latin like I did. So go ahead. Just sit there on your contemporary tookus and read away! And after you're done with my superior stuff, head over to the full index of e-texts and read some Aristotle or something!

Newly added:

- On Being and Essence (De Ente Et Essentia)

- On The Eternity of the World (De Aeternitate Mundi)

- On the Motion of the Heart (De Motu Cordis)

- On the Principles of Nature (De Principiis Naturae)

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