TheologyWebsite Submission FAQ

Do you like to write? Do you know a little something about theology or have a favorite theologian or philosopher? If so, you may be who we're looking for!

Theology Website is currently accepting written pieces from people like you to publish on our site. In particular we are looking for:

- pieces on introductory theological topics
- biographies of key thinkers in theology and religious philosophy
- an event, figure or topic related to a specific period of church history

For samples of what we already have, you can check out our Church History or Theology indexes.

There are only a few simple rules for submissions. They are:

1. Submissions must be a Word document.
2. The piece must be written in a standard font. (E.g., Arial or Times New Roman)
3. The piece cannot contain foreign language characters (this includes Greek and Hebrew!)

That's it! If you have a piece you'd like to submit or would like to run your ideas past us, you can email them to

Submissions should be sent as attachments to that email address.

We'll reply promptly and let you know how your piece is being used. Your name will be displayed as the author of the piece if it is published.

Thanks for your interest! We hope to hear from you.

Scott David Foutz
TheologyWebsite Editor and Administrator

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