The Leadership Imperative, Act II

A couple weeks ago I wrote of events at a meeting of a house church group, where a woman was ill and asking for prayer, and nobody moved. Two elders were present, but nobody responded. Finally I stood, laid hands on the woman, and prayed for her healing. Nobody joined me. But she was healed.

This is the follow-up on that incident.

Last week, the meeting began with a meal, as usual, and with three songs, as usual. However, after the singing, the leader, rather than starting the discussion, stopped and said we would first pray for three people, two present, with a need of healing. I was surprised, but pleasantly so.

Last night, we met again. The pattern was the same: eat, sing, and discuss. But, as two weeks previously, one person was clearly ill and getting worse. He didn't ask for prayer, and nobody prayed for him. None of the group leadership showed any concern. And so, at the end of the evening, the guy was miserable and went home worse off than when he arrived.

Interestingly, through the time - three hours - I never sensed that God was telling me to pray for him. Understand, when I see someone who is ill, the first thing that comes to my mind is that here is a time when God may want to work in a life. I sharpen my senses, so I don't miss the Holy Spirit if he wants me to act. And yet, though I was watching the guy and noticing his deterioration, I never sensed that I should pray for him.

So what's up with this? Why would God not want me to pray for a group member - a friend - who clearly needed it? I don't know. But some thoughts occur to me.

One is that God is interested in teaching others to act on being his people, and not just talk. And since I am more than happy to act, he let me sit, waiting for someone else to wake up and do something. One possibility.

Another is that for whatever reason, God didn't want to heal the guy. That happens. But I have no idea if that was the case here.

So in the end, I don't know what happened or why. All I know is that the group seems to have gone very quickly back to the old comfortable, undemanding pattern. Sad.


G'day Larry;
It does seem to me that GOD was waiting to see if anyone had their eyes open enough to see the obvious before them. Maybe too GOD may have told the others not to pray. There may have been a personal lesson for the sick man that GOD wanted him to learn. We don't know but my guess is that in light of the past situation GOD was waiting to see if anyone would pray other than you.

I have my own situation here that has developed in the past few days. I found out that my family really have a big problem with me. Today I was able to snap out of that depression. Only to have it all hit again big time just after dinner when My family asked me to move out. They had set this up behind my back with the land lord (DAD) and he was all for it!! They said all about the positive aspect of me not being here. Only half of that will be true. The real reason in light of what I had heard about me earlier in the week is more to do with my brother's girlfriends' kids hate me. She wants to move in and there will not be any room for her kids and my brothers daughter. They want my room.

Tonight I buried my head into one of my Theology assignments. It just so happens to be a very cruisy subject called CREATIVE LIVING. It is mostly to do with looking at myself and the assignment is the second one of 4 I need to do. I chose to look at DIGNITY. I feel so depressed that dignity had left me. I pondered on the meaning. I did 3 drawings and started to do an essay and ended up feeling alot better.

I have no one to pray for me. Why did GOD let this happen to me? WHY NOT??? I ended up on seeing my self worth through HIS eyes. GOD is moving me on and I have no idea what is going on in my life but I am going with it. I just need to have total faith.

Maybe the sick man needed to rely on GOD alot more too. I can't say but it is a thought. He had chances for prayer and laying of hands. I have non of that but to fully put myself in GODS hands. I feel heaps better but the reality of needing to move and the feeling of rejection by family is still there. But I know in my heart it will be for the better. IS THAT FAITH?


Hello Ian,

Sounds like you're having some difficult times. Sorry to hear that. Your situation and comments bring up in my mind one of the reasons we need fellowship in a local church: to have someone to pray for us, and to have someone to help us when we need it.

I hope things work well for you, that God bless you and that you grow in the likeness of Jesus.

Depression is never a pleasant things, but in some situations, perfectly understandable. A number of people, even in scripture, attested to experiencing depression. Assuming that there is no physiological reason, I think it's good to let our depression become our ally, by driving us closer to God.

Well, it's the middle of the night here, so I need to be brief.

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  • Larry Baden said:
      Hello Ian, Sounds like you're having some difficult times. Sorry to h...
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      G'day Larry; It does seem to me that GOD was waiting to see if anyone ...

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