How do you spell success?

Perhaps it's a sign of age, but I keep coming back to this topic: What is a successful life? Put another way, what do we have to do now to be certain of two things: First, that it will be a good day when we stand before God and give an account; and, second, that the sort of legacy we leave to our children is one we are happy with. How do we want to be remembered?

When we stand before God, will we hear, "Well done. I'm proud of you." Or will he shake his head, with a deep sigh? When our grandkids talk about us, will they do so with pride, or with amazement at the mess we made of things?

I think one reason I come back to this is that I see so many people - at virtually every age - living like it doesn't matter. They live as if there were no tomorrow, no accountability, no legacy, no reason to care what anyone else might think of them. Very sad.

I'm of the age where I have perhaps more occasion to consider these things than when I was twenty or thirty years younger. I am also of an age when I realize that twenty or thirty years ago was when I should have thought about them. Now is too late to undo some foolish choices I made then.

One thing is certain: The size of my bank account or my house, the price of my car, and the size of my toy collection are absolutely irrelevant. One who makes these things a focus of life is, in the end, foolish.

Equally, in ultimate terms, the number of college degrees or professional certifications is irrelevant. As is the educational and professional success of my children, though I am pleased to see them do well.

In the end, only one thing matters: Will God find me faithful? Will God find in me a proven character that he can trust and a life that is given over to honoring him, no matter what?

Nothing else matters. Nothing.

Oh. Almost forgot: Success is spelled f-a-i-t-h-f-u-l-n-e-s-s. Simple.


Thank you for this article. It reminded me once more of how important it is to make ones life on earth meaningful in the eyes of the LORD. I also see people who live without care and it hurts just as much as if there were your own flesh and blood. The thought of what GOD would say to you when you meet him is overwhelming and it should give one incentive to live by his will and leave our will behind. Though it is not easy at times but having Christ does make a world of difference.




Thanks for your thoughts. I think, in our over-committed,
materialistic culture, we need an occasional reminder of
where the real point of our focus should be.


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  • Larry Baden said:
      Jackie, Thanks for your thoughts. I think, in our over-committed, ma...
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      Thank you for this article. It reminded me once more of how important ...

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