On The Incarnation
[De Incarnatione Verbi Dei]
By Athanasius

Scripture Index

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Old Testament


Gen. i.1 ch1 n4
Gen. ii. 16 f. ch1 n7
Gen. xlix. 10 ch6 n19


Numbers xxiv. 17 ch6 n2
Numbers xxiv. 5-7 ch6 n3


Deut. xxviii. 66 ch6 n10


Psalm xxii. 16-18 ch6 n12
Psalm xxiv. 7. ch4 n10
Psalm lxxxii. 6 f. ch1 n9
Psalm cxviii. 27 ch6 n21
Psalm cvii. 20 ch6 n22


Isaiah ii. 4 ch8 n2
Isaiah vii. 14 ch6 n1
Isaiah viii. 4 ch6 n4
Isaiah xi. 9 ch7 n3
Isaiah xi. 10 ch6 n13
Isaiah xix. 1 ch6 n5
Isaiah xxxv. 3-6 ch6 n15
Isaiah liii. 3-5 ch6 n7
Isaiah liii. 6-8 ch6 n8
Isaiah liii. 8-10 ch6 n9
Isaiah lxiii. 9 ch6 n23
Isaiah lxv. 1, 2 ch6 n14


Jer. xi. 19 ch6 n11


Daniel ix. 24, ch8 n18


Hosea xi. 1 ch6 n6

New Testament


Matt. xi. 13 ch6 n20
Matt. xix. 4-6 ch1 n2
Matt. xxiv. 42 ch9 n2
Matt. xxvi. 64 ch9 n1


Mark v. 7 ch5 n3


Luke iv. 34 ch5 n3
Luke x. 18 ch4 n9
Luke xix. 10 ch3 n2; ch3 n5


John i. 3 ch1 n3
John iii. 3 ch3 n3
John ix. 32, 33 ch6 n16
John x. 37-38 ch3 n8
John xii. 32 ch4 n6


Rom. i. 25 ch3 n1
Rom. i. 26 f. ch1 n11

1 Corinthians

1 Cor. i. 21 ch3 n4
1 Cor. ii. 8 ch8 n3
1 Cor. ii. 9. ch9 n4
1 Cor. xv. 21 f. ch2 n4
1 Cor. xv. 53 ff. ch4 n2
1 Cor. xv. 55 ch5 n1

2 Corinthians

2 Cor. v. 10 ch9 n3
2 Cor. v. 14 f. ch2 n1


Gal. iii. 13 ch4 n3
Gal. iii. 13 ch4 n4


Eph. ii. 2 ch4 n7
Eph. ii. 14 ch4 n5
Eph. iii. 17 ff. ch3 n6


Col. ii. 15 ch7 n4

1 Timothy

1 Tim. vi. 15 ch2 n5


Heb. ii. 9 ff. ch2 n2
Heb. ii. 14 f. ch2 n3; ch4 n1
Heb. iv. 12 ch5 n2
Heb. x. 20 ch4 n8
Heb. xi. 3 ch1 n6

1 Peter

1 Peter ii. 22 ch3 n7

[Table of Contents] [End Notes]

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