Memorial Day 2008

Today, as I write, is Memorial Day. It's a day that is important to me, one when we remember and honor those who have died in American military service. It's a moving time for many - myself among them - and a party time for others.

Memorial Day is important to me for a couple reasons. The first is obvious: We owe honor to those who sacrificed their lives in our place. Our freedoms - which we take so much for granted - came at a high cost. Many men and women have shed their blood and given their lives to ensure that Americans have the opportunity to live in the greatest freedom and opportunity of any nation in history. And much of the world looks with longing at the great blessing it is to be an American citizen.

That said, I am concerned about one other aspect of this day. My concern is with one of two groups. On the one hand, there are those who see nothing more than another day to party. Or the unofficial start of summer. They miss the point, and are the less for it. On the other hand, there is the larger group who understand and honor our fallen national heroes, but forget that, as important as their service is and was, it's not the ultimate source of our freedom.

In our focus on military veterans, it's also important to remember that what they fought for came into being only through a godly and courageous people, a people who understood that a free people must be an ethical people, who must in turn be a godly people. Break the chain, and the nation will crumble from the inside, as the moral core rots.

So on this day of memories and honors, let's remember and honor as well our spiritual heritage, and not forget that the strongest military and the bravest soldiers can not defend a spiritually empty, corrupt people.

May God bless America.

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