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Theology Website Newsletter February 2009

   Still Waiting For Your STIMULUS? stimulus Well, Fear Not! In the midst of this Crisis Avalanche of biblical proportion, we here at Theology Website offer an electrifying ray of Hope! -- Especially if you were hoping for the stuff we're offering. Where else can you angry, downtrodden people turn for stimulating theological discussions, online medieval texts and tons of articles?

10,000 Robotic Monkeys with Typewriters

Quod MonkeyOur highly trained staff of Robotic Monkeys are still (STILL!) working on converting Quodlibet Journal's 255 articles into the new database and layout. What's taking them so long, you ask? We've narrowed it down to Bananas, YouTube and Bananas on YouTube. Due to their stubborn determination to continue slacking off and fling poo, we've had to postpone the Call for Papers we planned for the end of February. But hang in there! I mean, really, how long could it possibly take?? dotted break

Aquinas Scoffs at Your Puny Human Mind

Quodlibet Journal Forget the Oscars! The Award for Most Medieval Bling undoubtedly goes to our good friend Thomas Aquinas for continually blowing our mind with stuff we never have time to think about. So in honor of his Massive Medieval Brain, we have recently added four more Aquinas treatises to our E-Text Index. Take a look! In addition to Aquinas, you can find everything from Canaanaite Myths to the Nag Hammadi texts. There's plenty of mind-building content for everyone no matter how puny your brain is! dotted break

You Gotta Stop To Smell the Fragrant Blog

Larry Superfly And speaking of Robotic Monkeys with Massive Brains, major Kudos go out to our resident TheoWeb Blogger, Larry Baden. (By "resident" I mean he's living in a box at TheoWeb HQ.) Larry has been a tireless source of insight and rant at Theology Website for lo these many years. To show our thanks we decided to finally fix the site's comment apparatus, which means now YOU can give Larry your what-for the next time he pops that Placid Balloon of Serenity you've been floating around in! He also oversees our Discussion Forum which would no doubt resemble Romper Room of the Wild West if it were not for his balanced approach. So here's to you Larry! We thank you and will continue to say we Love the Hair! spacer

It's the Economy, Stupid

Economist Thomas Cook dissects the economic theory and Emergent theology espoused by author/activist Brian McLaren in his recent Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope. Find out whether you'll tune into McLaren's revolution when it's televised.
- Read more at Quodlibet

Got Hollywood's Religion?

Film Studies author and Quodlibet contributor Anton Kozlovic takes a look at Religion in popular films and suggests Holly-wood's role as theology's New Media is here to stay. Be sure to check out his Celluloid Religion to learn how this may be a new tool for the contemporary Church. So who said you can't have your next Oscar's Party at church?
- Read more at Quodlibet

Hobbits for Human Rights

This just in! Despite belief to the contrary, our little friends the Hobbits are NOT human say leading evolutionary scientists. After thorough analysis of a Hobbit skull found in Indonesia, believed to date as far back as 95,000 years ago, bigger heads concluded the little fellow doesn't belong on the human family tree. News teams at The Shire report widespread outrage and several Hobbits Rights marches have been scheduled. Hobbit organizers will begin their demonstrations sometime after Second Breakfast.

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