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1 Peter 5:6-10

Author: Scott David Foutz

Text: 1 Peter 5:6-10
Title: The layman's guide to suffering
Proposition: To the suffering, God has given four steps thru which we are promised 

	1. Universal areas of suffering
	2. Our particular areas of suffering
	3. The effect of suffering upon the minds of men

I. God's process for surviving suffering
	A. be humble before God (6)
		a. we don't know the reason of God
		b. we don't know the remedy of God
		c. we don't know the timing of God
	B. Cast your anxieties upon God (7)
		a. He is our God, Lord, Father
	C. Be self-controlled and Alert (8)
		a. our enemy, temptation, danger
	D. Resist the devil thru faith
		a. in the belief that our Lord is greater than our enemy
		b. in the belief that God knows our limits better than we
		c. in the belief that God will not let us fall if we rely on Him


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