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2 Timothy 1:8-18

Author: Kent Berghuis

I Am Not Ashamed
2 Timothy 1:8-18

Main idea:  We can show that we are not ashamed of the gospel by joining into God's task and 
guarding the integrity of the message.

I.  We should join in the effort of God to reach this world (8-12).

	A.  God has equipped us for the task (8).

		1.  We must not be ashamed of the Lord or our suffering fellow-servants (8a).

		2.  The task may call us to join in suffering for the gospel (8b).

		3.  We are equipped by the spirit of power that has been given to us (7, 8c).

	B.  God has saved us for the task (9a-c).

		1.  God saved us (9a).

		2.  God called us with a holy calling (9b).

		3.  Salvation was God's work, not ours (9c).

	C.  God sent Christ to accomplish his work and initiate the task in us (9d-10).

		1.  We were incorporated into God's plan in Christ from eternity past (9d).

		2.  Christ revealed his purpose through the gospel (10).
			a.  He abolished death (10a).
				--this renders suffering inconsequential.
			b.  He brought life and immortality to light through the gospel (10b).
				--this renders suffering worthwhile.

	D.  God has appointed us for the task (11).
		--Paul was appointed a preacher, apostle, and teacher.

	E.  God has granted us confidence to join in the task (12).

		1.  We can suffer for Christ without shame (12a).

		2.  We can do this because we know the person we have believed (12b).

		3.  We can do this because we are convinced of his ability to finish his work 
			--It is his task, not ours; he allows us to join him for his glory.

II.  We must guard the integrity of the gospel message (13-14).

	A.  We have been given a deposit of truth (13a, 14a).

		1.  The deposit goes back to the gospel of Christ.

		2.  The deposit is passed along through the generations in the church.

		3.  The deposit is accessible to us through the Bible.

	B.  God himself is the means of guarding the gospel's integrity.

		1.  The faith and love produced by our relationship to Christ bind us to his gospel.

		2.  The indwelling Holy Spirit enables us guard the gospel's integrity.

III.  We must choose how we will respond to God's call (15-18).

	A.  We might choose to turn away from it (15).

		--Some were ashamed to be associated with Paul's sufferings.

	B.  We can choose to join into God's call (16-18).  

		--Onesiphorus is our example.  He probably died for his faith, as Paul blesses his 	
	household, not him (16a), and he prays for mercy on the day of judgment (18).

		1.  We can refresh those in the heat of the battle (16b).

		2.  We can be unashamed of those suffering (16c).

		3.  We can search for special opportunities to minister for the Lord (17).

		4.  We can render service on a regular basis (18b).

		5.  We can count on mercy from the Lord in the day of judgment (18a).

Conclusion:  Can you honestly say, "I am not ashamed!"?


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