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2 Timothy 2:1-13

Author: Kent Berghuis

Be Strong in Grace
2 Timothy 2:1-13

Main idea:  We grow strong in grace by a disciplined discipleship and by remembering Christ.

I.  We grow strong in grace by a disciplined discipleship (2-6).

	A.  By participating in discipleship (2).

	B.  By serving with self-discipline (3-6).

		1.  Like a soldier (3-4).
			a.  Enduring hardship (3).
			b.  Prioritizing the commander (4).

		2.  Like an athlete (5).
			a.  Competing by the rules.
			b.  Striving to win.

		3.  Like a farmer (6).
			a.  Patient in hard work.
			b.  Receiving the first portion of the crop.

III.  We grow strong by remembering Jesus Christ (8-13).

	A.  His identity as king (8a).

		1.  Descended from David, rightful king of Israel.
		2.  Raised from the dead, rightful king of heaven.

	B.  His gospel (8b-10).

		1.  It is worth suffering in chains (9a).
		2.  The gospel cannot be chained (9b).
		3.  The elect will hear and become the church (10a).
		4.  Those who believe obtain an eternal, glorious salvation (10b).

	C.  Our identity with him (11-13).

		1.  We died with him, and we will live with him (11).
		2.  If we endure, we will reign with him (12a).
		3.  If we disown him, he will disown us (12b).
			--This is the opposite of "I am not ashamed."
		4.  Even if we lose our faith, he is faithful to preserve us.
			--If we are truly united with him, we cannot ultimately be disowned,
			 because we have become part of the body, Christ himself.  So we are kept
			not only secure from losing our salvation, but from committing those things 
			which might disown him.

Conclusion:  Who is your Paul?  Your Timothy?  But most importantly, who is your Christ?


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