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2 Timothy 2:14-21

Author: Kent Berghuis

Proven Workers
2 Timothy 2:14-21

Main idea:  Proven workers will focus on what is right while keeping clear of what is wrong, 
becoming useful to God.

I.  Proven workers will focus on what is right (14-15).
	A.  By reminding ourselves of the difference between true things and quarrelsome words 
		1.  There are truths or facts at the basis of our faith.
		2.  We need constant reminders to keep ourselves on track with the Lord.
		3.  Words can often be twisted and confused into false ideas.
		4.  Quarreling over words is usually of no value.
		5.  In fact, quarreling over words can be down-right harmful.
	B.  By working hard at becoming the Christian God wants us to be.
		1.  We all should approach our lives as presenting ourselves to God.	
		2.  God's approval is ultimately what we seek, and we have found it through grace.  
			Now we can work hard, be diligent, to work out that grace in our lives.  Not 
			because we have to earn God's approval, but because we already have it in 
				Christ and we want to demonstrate it.
		3.  This makes us workers who do not need to be ashamed.
		4.  We will be able to handle the truth correctly.

II.  Proven workers will keep clear of what is wrong (16-19).
	A.  By avoiding ungodly or false teaching (16).
		1.  The more one explores what is wrong, the more likely one is to accept it.
		2.  False teaching can spread like a gangrene (17-18).
			a.  Hymenaeus and Philetus are examples of such false teaching.
			b.  They denied the reality of a future resurrection.
			c.  Their teaching was influencing others away from the truth.
	B.  By standing on the sure foundation of truth (19).
		1.  God is a solid foundation.
		2.  God seals his people to himself in the truth.
			a.  He knows those who are his.
			b.  Those who are his must turn away from wickedness.

III.  Proven workers are useful to the Lord (20-21).
	A.  The church is filled with workers of varying degrees of usefulness to God (20).
		1.  We are like a house, with many kinds of containers or tools.
		2.  Some containers are valued highly.
		3.  Other containers are of less value and are not highly honored.
	B.  The proven workers dedicate themselves to the work of the Lord (21).
		1.  We all need to be cleansed from sin and its remnants in our work.
		2.  By doing so we will become highly valued workers.
		3.  We will be set apart (holy, dedicated) to God's will and work.
		4.  We will be useful workers to our boss.
		5.  We will be prepared for any kind of good work.

Conclusion: How useful are we to the Lord?  Are we proven workers, focusing on what is right 
while keeping clear of what is wrong?


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