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2 Timothy 2:22-28

Author: Kent Berghuis

Fleeing and Following
2 Timothy 2:22-28

Main idea:  The Lord's servant will know what to flee and what to follow.

I.  In personal character (22):

	A.  Flee youthful lusts (22a).
		--Fleeing means removing ourselves from the temptation.

	B.  Follow after godly character (22b).
		--Faith, love, and peace

	C.  Follow along with like-minded Christians (22c).
		--The Lord has called us into community
		--Pure hearts are open to other people

II.  In inter-personal relationships (23-26):

	A.  Flee quarrelsome arguments (23).
		--While we stand firmly for the truth, we must not be argumentative, 		
	especially about matters that are less than clear.

	B.  Follow after loving interaction (24).
		--The Lord's servant must not quarrel.
		--The Lord's servant must be kind to everyone.
		--The Lord's servant must be able to teach.
		--The Lord's servant must not be resentful.

	C.  Follow through lovingly with opponents (25-26).
		--Opposition will inevitably arise.  How will we handle it?
		--We must gently instruct our opponents.
		--We must trust God to do his work in his children.
		--We should realize that those who disrupt God's work are themselves caught 	
		in the devil's trap.

Conclusion:  What have you been fleeing lately?  What have you been following?


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