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2 Timothy 4:1-8

Author: Kent Berghuis

The Faith, the Fight, and the Finish
2 Timothy 4:1-8

Main idea:  If you want to finish well, keep up the fight for the faith.

I.  Preach the Word (1-5).

	A.  Keep the faith (1-2).
		1.  The solemn perspective of the charge (1).
			--In the presence of God
			--In the presence of Christ
			--In view of his judgment of the living
			--In view of his judgment of the dead
			--In view of his appearing
			--In view of his kingdom
		2.  The imperative method of the charge (2).
			--The command:  Preach
			--The content:  the Word
			--The method:  always prepared to correct, rebuke and exhort (recalls 
			--The human concern:  with patients and carefulness
	B.  Fight the fight (3-5).
		1.  The audience may be hostile (3-4).
			--Some may not want sound doctrine.
			--Some may gather teachers who say what they like to hear.
			--Some may prefer fiction to fact in matters of religion.
		2.  God's servant must be consistent (5).
			--Keep your head
			--Endure hardship (2:3)
			--Discharge your duties

II.  Finish the Race (6-8).

	A.  Pour out your life for God (6).
		--The drink offering in Israel was wine poured on the burning bronze altar along 	
		with a lamb each morning and evening.  It was meant to give a pleasing 		
	aroma for God, and doubtless for all those around.  It pictures the total 		
	sacrifice of one's life to the will of God.
		--Paul was about to die a martyr's death, beheading at the hands of Nero.

	B.  Live as you will wish to have lived after you are dead (7).
		--Fight a good fight
		--Finish the race
		--Keep the faith

	C.  Long for the reward of Christ (8).
		--The Lord will reward us with his full righteousness when he ushers in his
		glorious kingdom on the day of our judgment and resurrection.
		--This promise is not only for Paul, but for all who love Christ and long to see him.

Conclusion:  How do you live your "dash"?



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