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Acts 1:3-8

Author: Scott David Foutz

Text: Acts 1:3-8
Title: The Great Commission
Proposition: God has a definite purpose for the age in which we now live.

	Post-Resurrection appearances for 40 days (Cf. 1 Co. 15:5-7)

I. Speaking of the Kingdom of God (3-5)
	A. Continuation of the Gospel message [for the Church]
	B. Promise of the Holy Spirit (4-5) cf. Lk. 24:29; Jn 14-16
		Isaiah 32:14-18
		Joel 2:28-32
	C. Resurrection & Spirit: Signs of the New Age
		1. Jesus' triumphant over death
		2. The Promise of the Holy Spirit

II. The Question (6)
	A. Expectation of Israel's national independence
	B. Expectation of position (cf. Mk 10:35ff.; Lk. 22:24ff)
	C. "to Israel?"

III. The Answer (7-8)
	A. God's Secret (7) cf. Mk. 13:32
	B. Defines the New Age: The task of bearing witness/involvement (8)
		1. Jerusalem (Ac 1-7)
		2. Judea (Ac 8:1-11:18)
		3. Samaria (Ac 11:19ff.)
		4. The ends of the earth

	A. The purpose which God has for us in this age is to witness.
	B. This witness should start at home and then continue outward.


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