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Acts 1:8

Author: Scott David Foutz

Text: Acts 1:8

Title: Ministry from the Inside Out

Intro: Guiding lights in the storm. The Lord has made us lights to a fallen world.
	How do we as individuals fit into the church's ministry to the world?

Proposition: The H.S.'s presence in our life is to extend out into ministry to others.
	The internal ministry of the HS flows out into our external ministry to the world.
		We best achieve God's purpose...
I. The Holy Spirit provides us with power. (Apostolic and contemporary)
	A. We are strengthened in our faith (we experience with certainty those things unseen.)
	B. We are strengthened in our action (we act boldly) = personal illustration
	C. We are strengthened in our response towards the needy (recognition/compassion)
		"Evangelism is one beggar telling another where they can both find bread."
		God's redemptive act continues in us & thru us to redeem others.

II. Through the indwelling power of the HS we become witnesses of Jesus
	A. What do we witness to?  We are "witnesses" to what we've experienced and know.
		"Witness" [marturos] = legal term involving eye/ear witness.
		1. we are witnesses of the love of Christ
		2. we are witnesses of the Gospel of Christ
		3. we are witnesses of the healing/redemptve ministry of Christ.
	B. How do we witness? We witness through the Spirit's presence in our life.
		1. Friendship\lifestyle evangelism
		2. Outreach ministries (door-to-door/to the needy/ to business men)
		3. Through specific God-given gifts (music, art, sports, cooking, business skills)
Our success in accomplishing the Lord's goal and vision for our life and church requires us to:
	Understand what the Lord has given each of us through the HS.
	Use what we have to the glory and purposes of God.


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