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John 13:1-20

Author: Kent Berghuis

Washed Feet:  The Ministry of Redemption
John 13:1-20

Introduction:  Footwashing at Mildred high school Sunday School class; --Bronze statue at DTS

Main idea:  Jesus taught us to join in his ministry of redemption by serving.

I.  The gospel ministry is about cleansing.

	A.  The climax of Jesus' life was his death and resurrection (1-4).
		--Jacob said the best part about dying is rising again.
		--This is described as "his hour" (1).
		--In this hour Jesus chose to show his love for his disciples.
		--Jesus' confidence came from his knowledge of his Father's purpose (3).
		--Jesus "laid aside his garments" (4) as he would in his crucifixion.

	B.  Everyone needs cleansing.  There are two types:
		1.  The cleansing of salvation.
			--Judas was not clean, as the other disciples were.  Jesus makes a distinction
			between those who were truly his followers and those who were not.
		2.  The regular cleansing of the Christian walk.
			--Peter objected to the Lord serving him in this humble fashion.  When the 
			Lord gave his reply in v. 8, Peter immediately wanted Christ to wash him 	
    		completely, to show his complete loyalty.  Jesus replied that he only needed 	
		    his feet washed, because he was already clean.  This means that those who 	
		    are God's children need regular cleansing from contact with the world, but 		
	        our salvation is secure because we have been washed by the complete 		
	        cleansing from Christ.

II.  The gospel ministry is about serving.

	A.  It is a messenger's ministry.  Why the feet?
		--The disciples had been told to shake the dust from their feet when towns didn't 	
		listen to their message (Matt 10:14).
		--The feet of the messenger who brings the good news of God's ultimate victory 
           to Jerusalem in Isa 52:7 are said to be a lovely sight.  Paul picks up on this in 
		   describing those who share the gospel as his messengers in Rom 10:15.
		--Jesus had just had his feet anointed with perfume by Mary's hair in John 12:3.  	
		Jesus said this was for his burial, and those same feet would be pierced on the cross.

	B.  It is a servant's ministry.
		--Washing feet is a humble task, performed by servants.
		--Jesus said he did this as an example for us, so that he would see that in his 	
		kingdom the greatest leadership is service (15).

Conclusion:  If we wish to be Jesus' disciples, we must first experience the cleansing of his 
forgiveness that is made available through his death on the cross.  Then we must regularly seek 
cleansing for a pure daily walk.  When we are cleansed disciples, then we will be able to share 
Christ's cleansing with others, by becoming his messenger and their servant.  Then we will be 
what we most deeply want to be--like him.


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