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John 13:33-35

Author: Scott David Foutz

Text: John 13:33-35
Proposition: It should be plain to those who see us that we are followers of Jesus due to
                      our love for one another.


A. Jesus has prepared us for his absence (v. 33)
    1. by informing us regarding:
       a. the betrayal (13:18-32)
       b. the preparation of a place for us in heaven (14:2-4)
       c. his unity with the Father (14:6-14)
       d. the coming and ministry of the Holy Spirit (14:15-27)

    2. so that despite what happens we may understand the sovereignty of God 
       a. knowing that He was the Son of God (13:19)
       b. knowing that He acted in obedience to the Father (14:28-31)

B. During his absence Jesus commands us to live in imitation of Him (vv. 34-35)
    1. This is a command based on our understanding of His authority. (34a)

    2. This is a love based on our experience of Christ's love for us. (34b)

    3. This is a lifestyle which becomes our most powerful witness to the world. (35) 

   1. Are we familiar with this command to "love one another"? = YES
   2. Are we obeying it (individually and as a community) to the point that "all men see" 
   		us as Christ's followers?
   3. How can we truly love one another in this fashion? We must hold on to:
      a. the uniqueness of Jesus
      b. the sovereignty of God
      c. the experience of Jesus' love through the ministry of the Holy Spirit
      d. the desire to be a light in a dark world 


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