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John 1:1-14

Author: Scott David Foutz

Text: John 1:1-14

Title: Getting back to the Word of God
Proposition: How ought we to view the Word of God?

1. Luther on the role of the Word 
	*"The Church owes its life to the Word of promise, and is nourished and preserved by this same Word." 
             **"The soul can do without all things except the Word of God... if it has the Word, it is rich and lacks
               nothing of peace, of righteousness, of salvation, of joy, of liberty." 
2. Is the Word something we pick up & put down? Can turn a deaf ear to? Is the Word passive or active?

We Must Worship The Word as God.  (1:1-5) 
	We Worship the Word as God (vv 1-2)
		Trinity;  OT: "Word": Creation (Ps 33:6), Revelation (Is, Je, Ez), and Deliverance (Ps 107:20)
		is Unchanging, All-Sufficient, Righteous and Good; not outdated, primitive, etc..
	We Worship the Word as Creator (v 3)
		Sovereign Lord over all creatures and events 
		(Co 1:16 "by and for him"; Heb 1:2 "through Son")
	We Worship the Word as the Source of Life and Light (v 4-5) Ps 119:130
		Provider of Daily Life and Source of Conscience and moral understanding
		We are held accountable to the Word as our Sovereign Creator					
								(...From Heavenly to earth)
We Must Heed The Message of TheWord. (1:6-9)
	The Message of John the Baptist
		sent from God (v 6)
		witnessing so that all might believe (7)
		message points to the Christ (8-9)
	The Message of the Men of God in the OT & NT 
		Moses (Dt 18:15f.), David (Ps 2:7), Paul
	The Message of Scripture: Preserved through the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
		Calvin: We affirm with utter certainty (just as if we were gazing upon the majesty of God
                        Himself) that [Scripture] has flowed to us from the very mouth of God by the ministry of men." 
									(...Missing piece: Stage is set.)
We Must Personally Respond to The Word as the Man Jesus Christ. (1:10-14)
	We must Respond to the man, Jesus Christ (v 14)
		As revealing the glory of the Father
		As full of grace and truth (necessary for lost humanity)
	We must Respond with Faith (vv 10-13)
		to the disbelieving world He is neither recognized or received (vv 10-11)
		to the believing, He gives the right to become children of God (vv 12-13)

Conclusion: How ought we to view the Word? (pick up, put down, turn away?)
	1. We come to the Word with a heart of  Praise and Thanksgiving to our Lord and Creator.
	2. We come to the Word with an attentive ear to the authentic message of God.
	3. We come to the Word out of our love and obedience to our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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