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John 20

Author: Kent Berghuis

The Power of the Resurrection
John 20

The resurrection of Christ has the power to affect our lives in many ways:

I.  The resurrection surprises our limited view of reality (1-10).

	A.  We expect to be able to explain life through ordinary experiences.
		--Mary assumed someone had taken Jesus' body away.
		--We attempt to verify truth by investigating.
		--We have a very limited understanding of reality (9).

	B.  God's view of reality transcends ours.
		--Without any human help or eyewitness, Christ was raised by the power of God.
		--Much of what we should believe about reality is already recorded in Scripture.
		--The evidence of our experience ultimately should prompt faith in God's word (8).

II.  The resurrection comforts our disappointed hopes (11-18).

	A.  Our disappointments, deep as they may be, are temporary.
		--Mary and the disciples saw the cross as a tragic ending to their dreams.
		--Without the body of Jesus, Mary couldn't even find normal closure for her grief.

	B.  Christ's victory over death provides permanent hope for the believer.
		--Christ's appearance has an unmistakably personal touch (16).
		--Christ's mission takes priority over our affections (17).

III.  The resurrection transforms us into missionaries (19-23).

	A.  Christ's peace dispels the fear of unbelief.
		--The doors were shut because of the disciples' fear. 
		--Jesus can enter closed doors!
		--Jesus shows the evidence of his identity.

	B.  Christ sends us with his message in the power of the Holy Spirit.
		--We are sent just as the Father sent the Son.
		--We are sent with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
		--We are sent with a message of forgiveness or judgment.

IV.  The resurrection replaces unbelief with faith (24-31).

	A.  Unbelief is our natural stance.
		--Doubting Thomas could probably better be called Normal Thomas!

	B.  Christ wants us to believe so that we can have life through him.
		1.  To believe the evidence of his resurrection and respond in faith (27).
		2.  To believe the report of the gospel message from trustworthy witnesses (29).
		3.  To believe the written testimony of the Bible (30-31).

Have you experienced the reality, comfort and transformation that belief in Christ brings?


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