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Luke 24:44-49

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Luke 24:44-49
Title: How significant is the reality of the Resurrection?

A. The resurrection is the core of Jesus' words and the O.T. (44)
	1. Mk 8:31. After Peter's confession
	2. Mk. 9:9-10. After the transfiguration
	3. Mk. 10:32. At the final ascent to Jerusalem

B. The resurrection is the core of the Gospel's message and ministry (45-48)
	1. 1 Co. 15:2-8. The resurrection is the Gospel
	2. 1 Co. 15:12-20. Without the resurrection there is no Christian faith.

C. The resurrection is the core of the N.T. ministry of the Holy Spirit. (49)
	1. Conversion: 1 Peter 1:3. New birth thru the resurrection
	2. Justification: Romans 4:24-25. Raised to life for our justification
	3. Resurrection: Romans 8:10-11. He that raised up Christ... will also quicken you


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