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Luke 4:1-13

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Luke 4:1-13
Title: The Temptations of Jesus
Proposition: We have a Lord who understands our innermost conflicts.

   Parent as "best friend": parental effort toward mutual understanding
   Through the Incarnation, Jesus bridges the gap.

I. The Role of the Holy Spirit
    a. Newly baptized, filled and affirmed ("I am well pleased")
    b. Led into the wilderness & tempted 40 days
         Exodus parallel
    c. We may be led by the Holy Spirit into difficult times or times of testing 

II. The Temptations
    a. At Jesus' weakest moment
    b. Questioning the Sovereignty of God
       Food/ Ministry to the hungry
       Authority/ Political Rule
       Demonstration/ Vindication
    c. We may expect to encounter REAL opposition/ temptation/ evil.
           Augustine: Satan can only suggest.
    d. Recurring temptation: the "opportune time" 

III. Jesus' Response
    a. They are grounded in Scripture
        Deut 8:3
        Deut 6:13
        Deut 6:16
    b. They are submissive to the Will of God
         Jesus ultimately receives all these things
    c. We may turn to the Word and Sovereignty of God in times of temptation

   By going through these temptations, Jesus:
     a. provided a model whereby we may overcome temptation
     b. experienced in full the human condition:
          1. Becoming our High Priest who can sympathize with us (Heb 4:15-16)
          2. Becoming the One Mediator between God and Man (2 Tim 2:5)
   The Focus of Lent: 
            The Value of Christ's Ministry to us, and our needed Response


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