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Luke 6:40

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Luke 6:40

Title: Christ, Our Teacher
Proposition: We are to Actively Follow Christ in both Learning and Teaching (i.e., Disciplemaking).

Intro: Back to normal routine... Called to be disciples... How discipleship fits into daily life.

I. A Student is not above his/her Teacher

	A. Improper attitudes for a Disciple
		1. Being Overly Ambitious (Jumping ahead of Christ)
			- consequence: Willing but Unable to lead another.
		2. Being Overly Cautious (Standing far in the background)
			- consequence: Unwilling and Unable to lead another.

	B. A Disciple must Follow and Learn from the Teacher
		1. Relationship with the Teacher is Central
		2. Teacher is Source of Learning and Development

II. A Student, Fully Trained, Becomes Like his/her Teacher

	A.  How are we Fully Trained/made complete?
			- Stats: 100% (Xtian pop.) > 7% (trained) > 2% (led another to the Lord)
			- Disciples are Made, Not Born.
		1. We Must Recognize Who Our Teacher Is.
			- the world's teachers = Television (stats: 8hr/day work; 7hr/day sleep; 5hr/day TV)
			- Christ Our Teacher = True Source of Life and Wisdom
		2. We Must Strive to Learn from Christ
			- "Learner" is the central definition of Disciple
			- Our Purpose, Goal and Measure is determined by our Learning.

	B. What are we to Learn?
		1. We Learn the Gospel (Content of the Lesson)
			- Tenets of the Faith
			- Discernment of Christ's ministries
		2. We Learn How to Make Disciples (Work of the Teacher)
			- Disciples who are like the Teacher means TEACHING
			- Is this important? YES! Great Commission!
				*(stats: ca. 90% believe through friend or family member)
				*More disciples means more converts/disciples... etc.

	1. We are called to Actively Follow Christ
	2. Our Training implies both Learning and Teaching (Disciple Making).


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