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Luke 6:43-45

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Luke 6:43-45

Intro: Natural Processes of Internalization (Observe, imitate, internalize)
              This learning process cannot be applied to spiritual acts or worship.

I. Fruit is a Natural By-Product of the Nature of the Tree
           Illustration: Dad's unidentifiable fruit tree. (You can't blame the fruit!)
    A. Fruit reveals the "health" or "usefulness" of the tree (v.43)
        1. Healthy & useful trees produce edible (good) fruit. (kalos)
        2. Unhealthy & useless trees produce inedible (bad) fruit. (sapron)
             What is "fruit"?  See Appendix
    B. Fruit reveals the "kind" or "species" of the tree. (v.44)
        1. This is not a statement of our security as a fig tree or grape vine.
        2. This is an exhortation to pursue our new spiritual "nature".
            a. Matt 12:33-37 = "Make" and "Justified/Condemned"
            b. Jas 3:8-12 = Trees and springs represent a righteousness to which we
                imperfectly strive
            c. Jas 3:2 = all men make mistakes; if not, then he/she is perfect.
            d. Spiritual fruit is deemed acceptablenot only by God!
        3. This is a warning against quick acceptance of the appearance of good.
            a. From a distance, both thorn & bramble (& fruit) appear as trees.
            b. Christ earlier warned of such superficial good.
                1. Reciprocal love, good doing, lending (vv 32-36)
                2. Blind leading the blind (vv 39-40)
                3. Beam and speck (vv 41-42)
            c. Real fruit flows from a heart radically changed by
               continual submission & obedience.

II. Good/Evil is a Natural By-Product of the Heart. 
    A. The Good/Evil Man.
        1. This requires a supernatural change of the human spirit.
        2. This change comes through the Message and Sacrifice of Jesus.
    B. The Good/Evil Storehouse of the Heart.
        1. Storehouse, Treasury (Thesauras; i.e, "treasure") point to accumulation.
        2. Such accumulation requires a daily, life-long process of character
            development & self-discipline thru submission to H.S. & God's Word.
    C. The Good/Evil Product.
        1. This will be in the form prescribed by Jesus. ( Love, forgiveness, mercy)
        2. This revolves around our speech in relationships. (v.45)
        3. This also necessitates godly non-verbal communication.

    1. Before all else, our hearts must be submissive and obedient to God.
    2. 2ndly, we must strive to live this out daily, gradually accumulating maturity.
    3. 3rdly, this accumulated maturity will result in speech and conduct which
        in itself will draw others to the beauty of Christ. 

Appendix to Luke 6:43-45

What is "bad fruit"?
    1. Loving, doing good, lending to only those from whom you expect 
        something in return. (vv.32-35)
    2. Withholding mercy from the undeserving. (v.36)
    3. Judging, condemning, being unforgiving and ungiving. (vv.37-38)
    4. Attempting to point out & deal with someone else's weakness without a
       serious and honest introspection and correction of our own weaknesses
       and faults. (vv.41-42)

What is "good fruit"?
    1. Loving your enemies, doing good to those who hate you, blessing those
        who curse you, and praying for your abusers. (vv.27-30)
    2. Doing to others as you wish them to do to you. (v.31)
    3. Being merciful as God is merciful. (v.36)
    4. Not judging or condemning but forgiving forgiving and giving to all men.
    5. Receiving spiritual correction & humility before attempting to lead
        others. (vv. 39-42)


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