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Luke 7:1-10

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Luke 7:1-10
The Centurion's Faith

   A. New Section (7:1-8:3): Jesus' self-revelation (Lk 4:16-30); people's response.
   B. Today's Passage: Not primarily miracle-story, but  Jesus' response to faith.
      1. Centurion: Police (Militia) leader under Herod Antipas. (No troops til 44ad)
      2. Valued Slave (cf. Jn 4:46-53): slave (doulos), young boy (pais); deathly sick

I. The Centurion's Request: The first delegation (vv. 3-6a)
   A. Via Proper Mediators: elders of the jews
      1. intercessory
      2. pleaded earnestly
   B. Via Proper Reputation: good deeds
      1. "loves our people" (ethnos)
      2. "built our synangogue"
   C. Jesus Agrees to Go
      1. apparently has agreed to heal the servant
      2. has not mentioned any amazement up to this point.

II. The Centurion's Unique Faith (On the Way): The second delegation ( 6b-8)
   A. He Considers Himself Unworthy
      1. to have Jesus come under his roof. (uncleanness)
      2. to meet Jesus in person. (spiritual humility; cf. John the Baptist)
         a. although he knew Jesus had already agreed to heal the servant
         b. this was a genuine feeling of unworthiness and humility.
            1. we are also gentiles who bring uncleanness to the Lord
            2. we have participated in covering Christ with our sin.
            3. we ought to feel less worthy than the centurion.
               a. Jesus' grace cannot be taken for granted.
               b. Jesus' grace cannot be viewed as a law of nature. (But of WILL).

   B. He Recognizes Jesus' Authority
      1. "Only Say The Word".
      2. The Centurion's Analogy
         a. I am also under another's authority.
         b. I am also given authority over others.
            1. Jesus is within the heirarchy of God: legitimates ministry
            2. Jesus speaks and acts on behalf of God: authority to minister in power
            3. Not a question of "Can he?" but of "Will he?"
               a. believing this, we may be assured of our security under Christ.
               b. believing this, we may be assured of Christ's ability to help us.

Conclusion: Message to the Church
   A. The centurion symbolizes Jesus acceptance of faith despite nationality.
   B. This is a challenge to all of us to strive for a similar faith.
      1. genuine humility ("Blessed are the Poor"; Lk 6:20)
      2. complete trust in the authority and ability of Jesus.    


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