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Luke 7:18-23

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Luke 7:18-23
Jesus & John the Baptist

I. The Passage
   A. The Doubt of John
      1. Imprisonment of John (3:20)
      2. Disicles of John approach Jesus
         a. witnessing Jesus' deeds
         b. question on behalf of John
      3. Are you the Coming One?
         a. Scriptural mention (Is 29:18f; 35:4f; 61:1f) 
         b. John's expectation of the fiery Reformer (3:15-18) Elijah Revived
         c. Are we to look for another?
   B. The Reply of Jesus
      1. Visible Actions
      2. Poetic Response
         a. Jesus identifies himself as the Bringer of Divine Blessings
            1. Isa 29:18f
            2. Isa 35:5f
            3. Isa 61:1f
         b. Jesus rejects the role of the fiery Reformer. (Isa 29:20; 35:4; 61:2)
      3. Final Beatitude
         a. Do not stumble over what is done or left undone.
         b. Reveals the fulfillment of OT expectations of future blessings.
         c. This is a call to John to accept the unexpected ministry of Jesus.

II. The Application
   A. Jesus, the...
      1. Nationalistic Messiah
      2. Universal Teacher
      3. Personal Lord


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