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Mark 10:32-52

Author: Kent Berghuis

What Can I Do for You?
Mark 10:32-52

Main idea:  God wants us to give ourselves in service to others.

Service is the engagement of our goods and strengths in the active promotion of the good of 
others and the causes of God.

Let's contrast the main characters of the stories in our text today:

I.  James and John

	A.  Stated their request as a demand (35).
	B.  Requested personal advancement (37).
	C.  Falsely claimed ability (39).

II.  Bartimaeus 

	A.  Shouted for mercy (47-48).
	B.  Requested only normalcy--his sight (51).
	C.  Gratefully followed immediately (52).

III.  Jesus

	A.  Made himself servant to all (36, 51).
	B.  Gave himself completely (38).
	C.  Taught by word and example (42-45).

		1.  We are naturally tempted to seize and use power (42).
		2.  God is looking less for great leaders, and more for great servants (43-44).
		3.  Jesus modeled an others-oriented life (44a).
		4.  Jesus gave his life to buy back the lives of others (44b).

Conclusion:  Service is one way by which we know Christ better and become more like him.  
How do we keep our service from becoming mere "duty"?

	1.  Remember that our service is a calling unique to each individual.
	2.  Think of service not as a requirement, but as a benefit to your life with Christ.
	3.  Refuse to measure spirituality with some sort of "point-system."


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