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Mark 11:1-10

Author: Kent Berghuis

Lord, Save Us Now!
Mark 11:1-10

Main idea:  Jesus, God's chosen King, came to save people from sin.

I.  Who is Jesus?  God's chosen King.

	A.  He is God's Son.

		--The gospels emphasize that Jesus was fully God, while being fully man as well 
			(Mark 1:11).  He was sent to teach us what God is like and what God 
			expects of us as humans.

	B.  He is King of God's Kingdom.

		--Riding on the colt of a donkey was how Israel had crowned their kings centuries 
			before (1 Kgs 1:32ff).  The king went into the eastern gate of Jerusalem, 
			just as Jesus did, where the ancient palace and the Lord's temple would 
			have been.
		--Jesus is the "Son of David," to whom God had promised to let his descendants 
			rule forever (2 Sam 7:16).

II.  What did Jesus come to do?  Save people from sin.

	A.  The people may have been looking for political deliverance by Jesus.

		--The Romans were in control of the land, and the Israelites had been under other 
			nations' domination for hundreds of years.
		--The word "Hosanna" in their language, Hebrew, means "Save us now!"  
		--vv. 9-10 are a quote of Ps 118:25-26, a song sung by Jews coming up to 
			Jerusalem for festivals.  This song included the reference to laying down 
			branches, which gave rise to this custom.  This custom was now being 
			applied to Jesus, and he was seen as the fulfillment of the people's hopes.

	B.  Jesus came to provide a deeper deliverance, salvation from sin.

		--The OT prophecies had spoken of a "messiah" or king who would serve God by 
			suffering for people's sins (Isa 53).
		--Later in the same week Jesus would be betrayed, arrested, and crucified on the 
			cross.  The following Sunday he would rise from the dead, showing his 
			power over sin and death.  This provided salvation for us from sin and its 
			penalty, death.  We can have this spiritual salvation now by faith, by 
			believing in Jesus' death and resurrection and committing our lives to him.  
			One day Jesus will return to establish his eternal kingdom for all who 
			believe in him, and we can have a part in it.

Conclusion:  Would you be willing to pray, "Lord, save us now!"?


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