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Mark 12:28-37

Author: Kent Berghuis

The Commandments or the Commander?
Mark 12:28-37

Main idea:  Love for God and others is found in accepting Jesus as Lord.

I.  The most important commandments (28-34).

	A.  Love God completely.

		1.  There is only one God, so we have no real alternative in our worship.
		2.  To love him requires all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
		3.  To love God is more important than performing rituals.
			--The rituals in themselves do not guarantee love.
			--Love will produce perfect obedience apart from the law.

	B.  Love others unselfishly.

		1. Love of our neighbors is like love of God, in that others are also his creation.
		2. Our neighbors are those near to us, and the Bible uses it to mean "friend."
		3. We naturally look out for our own good, but it takes effort to look out for others.
		4.  Love of others is also more important than performing rituals.

	Transition:  The result of understanding these commandments is to be "not far from the 
kingdom of God."  What then is lacking from being in?  Aren't these enough?  The answer lies in 
what follows.  You see, love for God will cause us to accept the authority of his Son whom he 
has sent.  This will then yield perfect love for both God and others.

II.  The supreme commander (35-37).

	A.  The Christ is the Son of David.

		1.  David was the king of Israel, to whom God promised that his descendants would always reign.
		2.  Jesus as Christ or Messiah was a descendant of David physically and legally.

	B.  The Christ is the Son of God.

		1.  Jesus has been proclaimed as Son of God throughout the gospels.
		2.  As Son of God, he is rightfully even David's "Lord."
		3.  Accepting Christ as Lord is the one thing necessary to fulfill God's commands.

Conclusion:  Have you accepted Christ as your Lord?  I you have not, then that must be your 
starting place to be part of God's plan.  If you have, then examine yourself to see if you are 
loving him with heart, soul, mind, and strength.  If you are, it should also show up by loving 
others unselfishly.


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