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Mark 12:38-44

Author: Kent Berghuis

The Widow's Gift
Mark 12:38-44

Main idea:  The Lord teaches that it's better to be poor and giving than rich and taking.

I.  Jesus condemns the religiously cruel (38-40).

	A.  Their religious appearance

		--teachers of the law
		--flowing robes
		--greetings in the marketplace
		--important seats in the synagogue
		--places of honor at banquets
		--lengthy prayers

	B.  Their cruel greed

		--devour widows' houses

	C.  Their certain punishment

		--condemned by God at the judgment

II.  Jesus commends the trusting poor (41-44).

	A.  Her seemingly small gift

		--Jesus watched the crowd
		--Many rich people threw in large amounts
		--She put in two copper coins, worth almost nothing

	B.  Her truly large gift

		--She gave more than all the others
			--She gave out of her poverty
			--She gave all she had to live on

	1.  Why was it all she had to live on?  Because the rich were devouring widows' houses.
	2.  Why did she give it to God?  Because God is truly our only hope.


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