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Mark 13:24-37

Author: Kent Berghuis

Watch for the Lord
Mark 13:24-37

Main idea:  Jesus taught us to be prepared for his return.

I.  Prepare by believing (24-31).

	A.  God's judgment will fall on the earth and unbelievers (24-25).

		--These are the judgments associated with the last days (Acts 2:19-21).
		--Those who oppose God will face judgment at this time (Rev 19:11-21).

	B.  God's kingdom will be instituted on earth (26-27).

		--This is the future gathering to Christ, when "The kingdom of this world is 
		become the kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ!" (Rev 11:15, 20:1-6).

	C.  Christ's coming is certain (28-31).

		1.  The fig tree teaches that the time is near (28-29).
		2.  "These things" refers back to the signs of 5-13, and the sign of fulfillment was 
     			the Roman destruction of Jerusalem, which that generation saw (30).
		3.  The words of Christ are as certain as the character of God (31).

II.  Prepare by serving (32-37).

	A.  The time of his return is unknown.

		--No one can predict it, because it has not been revealed.
		--It is "imminent," that is, it could happen at any time.
		--Perhaps Christ's return will be in two phases to make this possible;

			1. A "pre-tribulation rapture" that could occur any time (1 Thes 4:13-18).
			2. A return to earth in power to set up his kingdom.

	B.  The task of believers is to serve in readiness for meeting Christ.

		--We each have our assigned tasks (34).
		--We do not want him to find us "sleeping," living like he doesn't exist (36).

Conclusion:  Are you prepared for the return of Christ?
	1.  Have you accepted Christ as your savior, so that you can escape judgment and be part of his kingdom?
	2.  Are you living and serving today with the knowledge that you could be in his presence 
		any time?


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