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Mark 14:66-72

Author: Kent Berghuis

Beyond Denial
Mark 14:66-72


Main idea:  The Lord can work through us beyond despite our weakness.

I.  Peter's denial shows his inability to keep his commitment to Jesus (66-72).

	A.  Peter was strong in his resolve to follow Christ.
		--He had confessed Jesus as the Christ (8:29).
		--He had declared he would never disown Christ (14:29, 31).
		--He tried to fight the crowd that came after Jesus (14:47).
		--He followed the crowd at a distance into the priest's courtyard (14:54).

	B.  Peter was weaker than he thought.
		--Jesus had rebuked Peter when he argued with Jesus about dying (8:31-33).
		--Jesus warned him that he would disown Jesus (14:27-30).
		--Peter had failed to stay awake in the garden (14:37).
		--Peter had finally run when they arrested Jesus (14:50).

	C.  Peter's weakness overcame his human strength (14:66-72).
		1.  He denied Christ by trying to dismiss the thought (66-70).
			--The servant girl recognized him, but he first tried to escape her.
			--When she persisted, he denied being a disciple before others.
		2.  He denied Christ by swearing that he never knew him (71).
		3.  He broke down when he remembered Jesus' words (72).

II.  Peter's restoration shows Christ's willingness to give people a second chance (John 21:15-19).

	A.  Jesus restored Peter by reminding him of his denials.
		--Jesus asked him his question 3 times.
		--Peter softened the force of Jesus' question twice, then Jesus used Peter's word.
			Jesus began with "agape" love, Peter replied with "philo" love.

	B.  Jesus restored Peter by reminding him of his ministry and his ultimate commitment.
		--Jesus told him to shepherd the flock, reminding Peter of his role as lead disciple.
		--Jesus told him that one day Peter would die for the cause of Christ.
		--Jesus commanded Peter to follow him.


	1.  Have you stumbled in your walk with God?  Realize that you cannot follow him only 	
	on your own strength.
	2.  Accept Christ's gift of restoration.  He knows your weakness and accepts you as you 	
	are.  He has a ministry for you, which requires only that you keep following him.


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