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Mark 15:1-15

Author: Kent Berghuis

Jesus on Trial--Again
Mark 15:1-15

Intro:  On a Friday morning 1965 years ago, Jesus stood trial in Jerusalem.  But all over the 
world he still stands trial today.  Often it is we who sit as his judge, knowing in our hearts who 
he is, but choosing to let evil have its way.

Main idea:  Since Jesus already stood trial for us, we must choose to free him today.

I.  Jesus endured the ordeal of his trials (1-5).

	--Jesus was questioned several times before his crucifixion:

		1.  Before the Jews--Annas (father of Caiaphas, the current high priest), Caiaphas, 
			and the Sanhedrin.
		2.  Before the Gentile authorities--Pilate, Herod, and Pilate again.

	--The accusation was that Jesus was a rival king, which threatened Roman authority.
	--Jesus submitted quietly to the whole ordeal.
	--Pilate concluded that Jesus was not worthy of death.

II.  Pilate failed to make the right decision (6-15).

	A.  Pilate released Barabbas instead of Jesus.

		--Barabbas truly was a rebel, which they accused Jesus of being; but they showed 	
		their hatred by asking for him instead.
		--Pilate attempted to release Jesus to fulfill a custom, but the leaders incited the 	
		crowd against him.

	B.  Pilate caved in to the pressure of the crowd.
		--Pilate restated Jesus' innocence.
		--The leaders began inciting the crowd to riot.
		--Pilate feared the consequences, so he took the easy way out.


	1.  We must learn to stand for what is right.  Jesus is on trial before the world in different 	
	ways every day.  When we make our decisions, we must decide in favor of him.

	2.  Jesus endured his trials and crucifixion though he didn't have to.  He truly was taking 	
	our place, dying for our sin.  Choosing to sin now is like crucifying him over 	
	again.  Now that he is risen, we must choose to let him live through us.  


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