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Mark 1:14-45

Author: Kent Berghuis

Fishers of Men
Mark 1:14-45

Intro: Jesus demonstrated his authority

I.  By proclaiming his message (14-15)

	A.  His message is called "the gospel of God."

	B.  His message has two parts:
		1. God's part--the time has come for his kingdom
		2. Our part--repent and believe

II.  By calling his disciples (16-20)

	A.  He calls them to follow him 
		--they left work and family behind

	B.  He calls them to become "fishers of men"
		--implies a similar tactic, but a new target

III.  By healing the sick (21-45)

	A.  He healed a demon-possessed man (21-28)
		--it happened in the synagogue
		--he was teaching with authority (22, 27)
		--the demon announced who Jesus was
		--news traveled fast
		--shows his authority over demons

	B.  He healed Simon's mother-in-law (29-31)
		--shows his authority over illness

	C.  He healed many others (32-34)
		--shows that the extent of his authority was not limited

	D.  He went to his Father to have his strength restored (35-39)
		--shows the need for time alone with God to recover
		--shows how ministry flows from our relationship with God

	E.  He healed a leper (40-45)
		--shows his compassion on the outcast (note that he touched him, 41)
		--gives a "calling card" to the authorities in Jerusalem (how many cured 	
		lepers do you suppose they saw?)
		--Jesus asks for silence, but the man couldn't contain himself; this led to 	
		Jesus being forced out of the cities because of the crowds.

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