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Mark 2:18 - 3:6

Author: Kent Berghuis

Rules, Rules, Rules!
Mark 2:18-3:6

"The Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath."--Mark 2:17

Main thought: Christ takes priority over religious rituals and regulations.

I.  Jesus' presence determines the appropriateness of fasting (2:18-22).

	--Fasting is a sign of mourning and discipline, and appropriate when Jesus' 
     disciples are longing for his presence.

	--Feasting is a sign of joy, and appropriate when Jesus is present.

	--The parable of the wineskins shows that actions or rituals ought to be 
      appropriate to the times.

II.  Jesus' lordship determines the application of the sabbath law (2:23-28).

	--Once again the Pharisees are after Jesus about food laws.

	--Their "law" was not really a biblical law, but their interpretation of it.

	--Jesus appealed to David to show that God has his priorities in order.

III.  Doing what is good and right takes priority over following regulations (3:1-6).

	--This was a "test case", and they were watching him.

	--Jesus took the initiative and asked them a question that set them off balance, and 
		put the issue in its proper perspective.

	--Jesus grew angry and grieved over their petty hard-heartedness.

	--Jesus did no work, he only commanded the man to stretch out his hand.  When 
		he did, it was healed, evidence that God had healed it.

	--Instead of recognizing the presence of God, the leaders counseled about 		
	destroying Jesus.


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