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Mark 3:7-34

Author: Kent Berghuis

The Family of Followers
Mark 3:7-34

"Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother."--Jesus, Mark 3:34.


Main thought:  Discipleship takes priority over earthly relationships.

I.  Christ calls disciples to follow and serve with him (7-19).

	A.  The mission of Christ is a large task
		--Crowds followed Jesus not only from Galilee, but from far away as well.
	B.  The mission of Christ is a strategic task.
		--Jesus even restricted the demons from announcing who he was at the
		  wrong time.
		--The logistics of ministry can be incredible.
		--A few key leaders are necessary to reproduce the work in others.
		--These men were ordinary, but they followed an extraordinary
		--Jesus named them "apostles" ("sent-ones"), and sent them to
			preach and drive out demons (do the same work as he was doing).

II.  Christ calls his disciples to spiritual unity (20-35).

	A.  Jesus shows that his power is not an evil trick (22-30).
		--Satan is not going to oppose himself.
		--God's people should not oppose his work, either.
		--Christ's work shows his authority over Satan.
		--Those who oppose the Holy Spirit stand outside of forgiveness.

	B.  Jesus shows that his mission is not crazy (20-21, 31-35).
		--Sometimes following doing God's will may look insane.
		--The one doing God's will may have to risk family and other relationships.
		--The one doing God's will gains a new family, the family of God.

Conclusion:  Have you taken up the call of discipleship?


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