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Mark 4:35-41

Author: Kent Berghuis

Letting Jesus Calm the Storms

Mark 4:35-41

Main idea:  Jesus has power to calm the storms.

I.  From the disciples' perspective--they show our natural tendency to panic.

	A.  They are frightened by the terrifying circumstances.

		--these are fishermen who know the lake.

	B.  They are faithless when they most need faith.

		--they imply that Jesus should be helping them more actively.

		--Jesus' question implies that if they had faith they would not fear.

		--their amazement shows their surprise at Jesus' authority.

II.  From the Lord's perspective--he shows his authority over the storm.

	A.  He is fearless in frightening circumstances.

		--in his humanity, he is weary and requires sleep.

		--he shows his trust in God's protection of his human life.

	B.  He is authoritative in challenging circumstances.

		--his rebuke may indicate that the storm was hostile, that Satan sent it.

Applications:  	1.  Faith in the Lord will dispel our fear.

		2.  If even the wind and waves obey him, why don't we?


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