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Mark 5:21-43

Author: Kent Berghuis

Jesus Heals His Daughters
Mark 5:21-43

Main idea:  Jesus wants his daughters to be whole.

I.  Jairus pleads for Jesus to heal his daughter (21-24).

	--Jairus is a synagogue ruler, an important man.

	--His pleading shows his concern for his daughter.

	--His pleading shows his faith in the Lord's touch.

	--Jesus shows his willingness to go and heal.

II.  A suffering woman avails herself of Jesus' power (25-34).

	--She has been bleeding for 12 years, a condition of continual ritual "impurity".

	--Her doctors could not help her.

	--Her faith is in touching Jesus, even just his clothing (an act which would have made Jesus impure)

	--She hopes to remain anonymous in the crowd, but he will not let the incident pass.

	--In the final encounter, she tells the truth, and Jesus tells her that her faith has healed her.  He has not 
	become unclean, but she has become clean and free from her suffering.

III.  Jesus raises Jairus's daughter up from the dead (35-43).

	--The people thought Jesus help was of no use now that the child was dead (35).

	--Jesus contrasts fear with faith (36).

	--Jesus' divine perspective is radically different from our human perspective (39).

	--Jesus raises the little girl with tenderness--in his words, method of private healing, and instructions.

	--The girl was 12 years old, at the onset of womanhood.  The anonymous woman had suffered her 
	feminine illness for 12 years.  They were both healed by the Lord on the same day.  


	1.  Jesus' power is availed by faith.

	2.  Jesus' healing extends beyond this life.

	3.  Jesus' care extends to our most private suffering.

	4.  Jesus' tenderness extends beyond gender or age distinctions.


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