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Matthew 12:1-8

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Matthew 12:1-8

Title: Free At Last!
Proposition: Christ sets us free from the burden of guilt.

Intro: CRC Sunday rules; (More stringent) Judaistic Sabbath Regulations.

Setting: Disciples Pick, Husk, and Eat Grain on the Sabbath (vv. 1-2)
	A. Without Jesus' presence, how might the situation proceed? Guilt (2-fold) & conformity
	B. Contextualize: We often find ourselves confronted by:
	     (1) Human Standards; (2) And what we think are God's Standards. How do we then live our life?
	C. Jesus Steps in to Defend His Disciples AND US. (vv. 3-8)

I. God Prioritizes His Servants Above His Regulations: (Two OT Examples; vv. 3-5)
	A. David & the Consecrated Bread (v. 3-4; 1 Sa 21:1-9)
		- David is not engaged in an official task, but is FAVORED BY GOD
		- This isn't a "bending of the rules"... It is God's priority.
	B. The Priest who Works on the Sabbath (v. 5)
		- This REQUIRED OBEDIENCE results in "Disobedience"
		- This isn't a "contradiction"... It is God's priority.

II. We As Christ's Disciples Are FREE From Guilt and The Fear Of Judgment (vv. 6-8)
	A. Serving Christ is the Greatest Possible Service (v. 6)
		- God looks upon believer's life as fulfilling the greatest requirement. (Favored and Obeying)
		- Our Relationship with Christ Sets Us FREE from ALL Guilt. (Ro 5:1)
			**ALL Guilt: before God, before Others, before Self.
		- What do we mean by "Serving Christ"? Compare Disciples here....
			Walking, fellowshipping, listening, learning, laughing with Jesus!
	B. God Desires Love More Than Conformity (v.7)
		- "Mercy" = Love and compassion towards those who are needy. (We are all needy)
			- This is an expression of ourselves. (God values this highly)
		- "Sacrifice" = Forfeiting a part of ourself to conform to a higher cause.
			- This is a limitation of expression. (Humans mistakenly focus on this)

Conclusion: Our Lord, the Son of Man, is the Lord of the Sabbath (v. 8)
	- What is the Sabbath? Symbolic reminder of the Goal for creation = Rest in Worship.
	- We enter into this Rest through Christ. This Rest in Worship FULFILLS God's desire for us.
	- We need to define ourselves in light of this Relationship. FREEDOM from Guilt is found here.


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