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Matthew 21:1-11

Author: Scott Foutz

Text: Matthew 21:1-11

Title: Christ Our King
Proposition: We ought to live our lives as citizens of the Kingdom of Christ.

Intro: Palm Sunday. Glimpse of Christ as King. This glimpse challenges us...
I. Christ's Reign is in Wisdom (1-3)
	A. He knows the condition of the lowliest beasts (2)
	B. He knows the mind and heart of man (3) = narrative of man's anxiety and calming.
	C. As citizens... 
		1. know he sees all we do and think
		2. be assured that he knows perfectly our personal situations and problems

II. Christ's Kingdom is Not of This World (4-7)
	A. Zech 9:9 Messianic Prophecy (5) Re: Entrance of Messiah into Jerusalem
		1. Messaih as a King = Usual entrance of a king
		2. Gentle, riding a donkey (vs. unapproachable entrance via horse) 
	B. Christ didn't need/care for pomp and circumstance
		1. Didn't have his own donkey (but borrowed) 
		2. Didn't adorn the donkey with signifying fine garments or saddle
	C. No Worldly Show: It has nothing to offer Him = He offers Himself to the World
		1. Phil 2:3-8 = Jesus gave himself for the world. Be of like attitude.
		2. What has the world to offer you? How much do we value what the world offers?

III. Christ's Subjects are the Lowly (8-11)
	A. No dignitaries meet Him
	B. The "Crowds" gather to greet Him (8) = He accepts them
		1. Jesus sees men's souls, not name, status, title, achievements.
		2. The crowds greeted Jesus = in word and deed.
			a. Their action: They did what they could do to show dignity and honor.
				- offering their cloaks = sign of submission
				- cutting the palm branches = celebrating hope and victory
				- How might we show the honor and dignity of Christ?
			b. Their speech:
				- Hosanna!! (Save us Now!) = Welcoming the arrival of the Kingdom
				- Blessed! = Prayer for the prosperity of the Kingdom
				- We likewise must welcome and pray for the success of the Kingdom

Conclusion: A dim but accurate view  of Christ as King: Wise, Heaven-Minded, and Compassionate.
	As subjects of this King, we are to be: Dependent, Heaven-Minded, and Receptive 


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