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Philippians 2:1-11

Author: Kent Berghuis

Fulfill My Joy
Philippians 2:1-11

Main idea:  A minister finds his joy most fulfilled when people reflect the gospel message in their 

I.  By uniting in the church (1-4).

	A.  The spiritual motives for church unity (1).
		1.  Union with Christ encourages us toward unity.
		2.  Christ's love comforts us so that we can have unity.
		3.  The Spirit's fellowship compels us toward unity.
		4.  The tenderness and compassion God produces in us demands that we have unity.

	B.  The description of church unity (2).
		1.  Being like-minded--focusing on the same things.
		2.  Having the same love--Christ's love flowing through us all.
		3.  One in spirit--our souls being knit together (sumpsuchoi).
		4.  One in purpose--having the mind of Christ (similar to like-minded).

	C.  The priority of others for church unity (3-4).

		1.  The prohibitions:
			a.  Do nothing from selfishness or conceit.
			b.  Do not look out for your own interests.
		2.  The commands:
			a.  Develop a mindset of humility.
			b.  Give preference to others.
			c.  Loof after the interests of others.

II.  By imitating Christ (5-11).

	A.  Empty yourself to serve others (5-7).
		1.  Jesus was in very nature God.
		2.  Jesus did not hold on to the privileges of deity when he became a man.
		3.  Jesus "made himself nothing" (kenosis).
		4.  Jesus took on the nature of a servant.
		5.  Jesus became like those he wished to save--a human being.

	B.  Die to self (8).
		1.  Jesus was not only a serving man, but he humbled himself further.
		2.  Jesus obeyed his Father's decree and died for us.
		3.  Jesus' death was a most painful and humiliating death.

	C.  Leave the glory to God (9-11).
		1.  God rewarded Christ's obedience with exaltation.
		2.  God gave Jesus a name above all names.
		3.  Every person must acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.
		4.  All of the glory goes to God.

Conclusion:  Fulfill my joy by uniting to imitate Jesus Christ.


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