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Philippians 3:4b-11

Author: Scott Foutz

Text : Philippians 3:4b-11
Proposition: Christ alone is the foundation of the Christian's confidence.

Introduction: "The Emperor's New Clothes"

The Person Without Christ Relies Upon Advantages and Achievements (4-6)
   Advantages by Birth (4-5a)
          Parents' status and achievements (circumcised on 8th day)
          Nationality (of the people of Israel)
          Social prestige (of the tribe of Benjamin)
          Ethnic purity (a Hebrew of Hebrews)
   Personal Achievements (5b-6)
          Academic (a Pharisee)
           Religious motivation (persecutor of the Church)
           Living a good and successful life (faultless)

The Christian Relies Ultimately Upon Christ (7-11)
   In Christ We Experience a Radical Shift in Values (7-8)
      previous profits are now considered losses for Christ (7)
      everything now considered a loss compared to the greatness of knowing Christ (8a)
      all possible advantages and achievements considered refuse ito gain Christ (8b)
         Illustration: Christ  replacing former structures.

   In Christ We Find the Sole Source of True Life (9-11)
      True Life is being found in Christ (9): Justification
         "In Christ" (Co. 3:3-4)
          On Judgment Day:
            not having an inferior righteousness coming from our own obedience (9a)
            but having a superior righteousness coming from God through faith in Christ (9b)

      True Life is Knowing Christ (10): Sanctification
         By experiencing the power of Christ's resurrection
                Romans 6:4 = Jesus' resurrection is the source of our new life
                2 Co 3:18 = Christ's risen glory transforms us into His likeness
         By participating in the fellowship of his sufferings
                Baptism (Ro 6:2b-3) being baptised into his death, we died to sin
                Breach with sin (Ro 6:6-7) crucified with him, freed from sin
                Physical suffering (Co 1:24)
                Spiritual disappointments & frustrations (2 Co 4:10-12)
                   These becomes the means God uses to transform us into Christ's likeness

      True Life is Attaining the Resurrection from the Dead (11): Glorification
         Resurrection gives meaning to suffering
            Ro 8:17 = sharing in his sufferings that we may share in his glory.
         Resurrection is the culmination of our spiritual pilgrimage (Romans 8:22-23)

Conclusion: The Emperor's Clothes
                      Being found clothed by Christ as we stand before God.


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