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Daniel 1

Author: Kent Berghuis

To Be Greatly Used By God
Daniel 1

Intro:  Flatfish--We often are tempted to conform to our surroundings; but if we want to be 
greatly used by God, . . . 

Main idea:  We must learn how to stand out from the crowd, especially when facing temptations.  
How does this look?  Daniels shows us an example.

I.  Remain True in Difficult Circumstances (v. 1-8).

	A. The Demoralizing Situation (1-2).
		--Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judah in 605 BC.  It appeared that 
God 		had forsaken his people, even his temple had been sacked.

	B.  The Re-education Program (3-7). 

		Several factors entered into the program:
		1.  The students were the best and brightest.
		2.  They received the king's food--a new, non-kosher diet.
		3.  The program lasted 3 years time.
		4.  They received new names to obliterate their old identities.
			Daniel = God my judge; Bleteshazzar = May Bel protect his life
			Hananiah = YHWH is gracious; Shadrach = Command of Aku
			Mishael = Who is like God?; Meshach = Who is like Aku?
			Azariah = He whom YHWH helps; Abed-Nego = Servant of Nebo

II.  Have a Purpose in Your Heart (8-14).

	A.  Daniel made a committed decision (8).

	B.  Daniel gained favor with the officials by his gracious spirit (9).

	C.  Daniel enlisted others to stand with him (11).

	D.  Daniel dispelled fear with a wise "step of faith" test (10, 12-14).

III.  Trust God for the Results (15-21).

	Some general principles:

	A.  God comes through on behalf of those who trust him (15-16).

	B.  God adds greater responsibility to those who have walked with him already (17-20).

	C.  God lets his message and messenger outlast the time of trial (21).


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