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Daniel 6

Author: Kent Berghuis

Outlasting the Lions
Daniel 6

Introduction: [Lions]

Main Idea:  We outlast the lions by evidencing integrity and trust.

I.  We must evidence integrity (1-9).

	A.  The rarity of integrity [Statue of 3 Lies;IRS payment; Conan Doyle; OSU 
		--Daniel's position required integrity.
		--It is likely that the king was suffering from governmental corruption.

	B.  The rewards of integrity.

		Swindoll's six:
		1.  A sustained cultivation of character.
		2.  The continued relief of a clear conscience.
		3.  Personal delight of intimacy with God.
		4.  Priceless inheritance of a lingering legacy.
		5.  Rare privilege of remaining a mentor.
		6.  Crowning reward of ending well.

II.  We must evidence trust (10-28).

	What is it?
	A.  Committing to prayer (10).
		[Children's Prayers; Morris Davis story]
		--Old hymnals tell the story of a prayer life that is largely lost.
		--Prayer is like oxygen, without which our spirits suffocate.
		[Isaac Newton]

	B.  Accepting the consequences of righteousness (11-16).
		If you dare to be like Daniel in this regard, you may:
		1.  Be inconvenienced by your convictions.
		2.  Feel the embarrassed glances of your peers.
		3.  Be overlooked for promotions and honors.
		4.  Be viewed as an obstacle to progress.
		5.  Be relegated to the attic of the world's house.
		6.  Be eliminated when your witness becomes intolerable.

	C.  Risking your life on the good character of God (17-28).
		[Polycarp's martyrdom]



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