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Genesis 37:1-11

Author: Kent Berghuis

Dream, Dream, Dream
(Genesis 37:1-11)

	1.  Martin Luther's vow in the thunderstorm led to a life of seeking God's will.
	2.  Many of us want to know if and how we fit into God's plan.
	3.  Joseph's life shows that God controls and cares for the one who obeys Him.

I.  Do nice guys finish last? (1-4)
	A.  Joseph is the favored son
		1.  He's faithful in his father's work
		2.  His father rewards him with a sign of his blessing
	B.  Joseph is the hated brother
		1.  Their hatred is directed to Joseph instead of their own sin.
		2.  Their hatred is rooted in envy for what could not belong to them.
	C.  The point:  Do what's right even when it's tough.

II.  Should dreamers be brought down to earth? (5-11)
	A.  Critics don't care for God's plan (5-9).
		1.  The dream foretells God's plan for His chosen family.
		2.  The brothers hate Joseph and so do not see God's plan behind him.
	B.  Even friends may act as skeptics (10-11).
		1.  Jacob openly rebukes Joseph for his dream.
		2.  Jacob privately considers the meaning of the dream.
	C.  The point:  Dream big dreams of what God can do with you.

III.  (Applications)  God has a long-term plan at work in our lives.
	A.  What do we mean by God's plan, or "God's will"?
		1.  Sovereign will
		2.  Moral will
		3.  Personal will (?)
	B.  How do we fit into His plan?
		1.  Sovereign will--submit to His control and trust Him.
		2.  Moral will--obey what we know to be right.
		3.  Personal will--examine the four "H"'s--heritage, high points, hard 	
		times, and heroes.

	1.  God had his hand on the life of Joseph from the very beginning.
	2.  God has his hand on your life right now.
	3.  Submit to God's control, obey what you know to be right, and examine your 	
	life for the marks of God's calling.
	4.  In the long run you can bet that a dream given by God is a dream that will 	
	come true.


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