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Genesis 38

Author: Kent Berghuis

"Countering Corruption"
or, "How To Tell If You're a Hypocrite"
(Gen. 38)

Intro:  	One way to tell if you're a hypocrite is to ask if you are wearing a mask.
	Some symptoms of corruption:

I.  Accepting alien values (1-10).

	A.  Judah befriended and married with Canaanites (1-5).
		--cf. the command to his father in 28:1

	B.  Er "was wicked in the Lord's sight and God judged him with death (6-7).
		--cf. the people of Noah's day (6:5-7), and Sodom (18:20).

	C.  Onan preferred sexual gratification to responsibility (8-10).
		--God also judged him with death.

II.  Neglecting covenant commitments (11-24).

	A.  Judah intentionally failed to keep his promise (11).

	B.  Judah failed to care for his needy daughter-in-law (12-14).
		--single women often face great challenges in life.  
		--It is our responsibility to care for those less able to care for themselves.

	C.  Judah violated his own ethical standards (15-23).

		1.  He sins after grieving for his wife--the need for caution in times of 	
		emotional distress.
		2.  He adjusts the appearance of his deed to meeting a "shrine prostitute."
		3.  He fears being a laughing-stock--but the truth of our deeds is more 	
		important than the appearance.

	D.  Judah called for a death penalty on his daughter for his own sin.

III.  How to counter the corruption (25-30):

	A.  Admit our guilt (25-26a).

	B.  Renew our purity (26b).

	C.  Recognize the hand of God (27-30).
		--Did Tamar sin in all of this?
		1.  Like Esau and Jacob, the younger struggles with the older in the womb.
		2.  We are reminded that the younger brother Joseph is alive and well.


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