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Genesis 39

Author: Kent Berghuis

Resisting Temptation
Genesis 39

	1.  The sexual revolution has eroded the moral base of our civilization.
	2.  Today first sexual encounter is not a 16 year old couple on a Friday night date 
in the back seat of a car, but junior highers in a house after school in a parent's bedroom.
	3.  We want to protect ourselves and our young people from such temptations, but 
more importantly, how do people stand when there is no one around to protect them?
	4.  Joseph resisted temptation by dedicating himself to live in God's presence.

I.  God's presence prospers his dedicated servant (1-6).

	A.  The Lord's presence with Joseph is associated with success (1-2).

	B.  Success brings Joseph greater responsibility (3-6).

	C.  At this point Joseph may be more vulnerable to temptation than otherwise. 
		1.  He had become a powerful individual.
		2.  He was removed from the influence of family and home.
		3.  Jim Grier's discussion of purity highlights the danger signs of building 	
	ego power through wealth, fame, and reputation.

II.  God's presence protects his dedicated servant from yielding to temptation (7-20).

	A.  Joseph resists repeated seduction (7-10).
		1.  The man--well-built and handsome, powerful, trustworthy, and aware 	
	of God's presence.
		2.  The woman--master's wife, unmet need for intimacy, seductive, willing 
		to lie (and to lie with!).
		2.5.  This resistance stands in sharp contrast to ch. 38, Judah's sexual sins.
		3.  Proverbs 7:6-27 warns of giving in to adultery.
		4.  Nothing is so exciting to a man as a woman who is in love with him.  A 
		friend of Samuel Johnson's said that women already have so much power 	
	over men that it seemed ludicrous to vote them even more!

	B.  Joseph ran from the climactic snare (11-12).
		1.  No one knows the strength of temptation until resisting it completely.
		2.  With no one else around Joseph still ran from temptation.
		3.  We must pre-decide to run from temptation.  Follow these strategies:
			a.  Monitor personal spiritual life. b.  Monitor marriage.c.  Take 	
		precautions.d.  Deal with subtle signs of sexuality.e.  Back off 		
	early.f.  Clear cloudy thoughts.g.  Hold yourself accountable.
			h.Regularly rehearse the consequences.

	C.  Obedience is sometimes a hard path to travel (13-20).
		1.  For a second time Joseph is imprisoned for obedience.
		2.  For a second time his coat is stripped from him and used for deception.
		3.  What if Joseph had given in?  Would he have lasted long in P.'s house?

	A.  Resist temptation by dedicating yourself to live in God's presence.
	B.  Pre-decide to run when the temptation is difficult to bear.
	C.  Remember that the rewards of obedience outweigh the advantages of sin.


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