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Genesis 40

Author: Kent Berghuis

Beyond Bad Luck
Genesis 40

	1. Mrs. Loveall's story of flunking in college after being a great HS student 
	illustrates that discouraging situations often are waiting for us around a corner.
	2. Grad. can be a time of excitement, but the peak may be followed by a valley.
	3. Genesis 40 shows the importance of faith in moving us "beyond bad luck."

I.  Prepare to meet discouragement (39:19-40:4).
	A. God uses difficult times in our lives to test our faith.
 		1. Joseph's situation was undeserved.
		2. Joseph made the best of his situation, rising to leadership in prison.
	B.  God may make us wait for some time before we see His hand.
		1.  Joseph has spent 11 years in Egypt.
		2.  Joseph's situation is not the most encouraging.

II.  Prepare to meet your destiny (5-19).
	A.  God will provide us with opportunities (5-8).
		1.  The prisoners had dreams, reminding Joseph of his past dreams.
		2.  Joseph seeks to minister to them with his gifts and kindness.
	B.  We should seize opportunities God gives us (9-19).
		1.  The cupbearer's dream shows Joseph he can interpret dreams and that 	
	God can restore faithful servants to their place of responsibility.
		2.  The baker's dream shows the danger of presumption.

III.  Prepare to see your dream's fulfilled (20-23).
	A.  God fulfills His word through Joseph, showing that His hand is still with Him.
	B.  When everyone forgets you, God still remembers (23).

	A few clichés for you:
		--Tough times don't last, but tough people do.
		--When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.
		--Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.
		--When you can't see the future, trust the one who's already there.


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