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Genesis 41

Author: Kent Berghuis

"Who's In Control?"
 or, "You Can't Keep God's Man Down"
(Genesis 41)

Intro:  Have you ever been reminded that you are not in control of everything?
	Two kinds of control:
		--(Negative) __________________ (using others for your benefit)
		--(Positive)   __________________ (letting God use you)

I.  Even King's Lose Control (1-7).

	A.  Pharaoh's dream (1-6).
		1.  How old is Joseph when:
			a.  Sold into slavery? (37:2)
			b.  Meets cupbearer in prison? (41:1)
			c.  Moves from prison to serving Pharaoh? (41:46)
		2.  What does Pharaoh dream?
			a.  7 _________________  eaten by 7 _______________.
			b.  7 _________________  eaten by 7 _______________.

	B.  Pharaoh's frustration (7).
		--The point: Pharaoh and his court do not have control over the situation.

II.  God's Servant Knows Who Is in Control (9-36).

	A.  The cupbearer's selective memory (9-13).
		Why did the cupbearer wait until now to tell about Joseph?
	B.  The Pharaoh's dream repeated (14-24).
		1.  Joseph is an unlikely character in Pharaoh's court.  Why?
		2.  What does Pharaoh add from the first telling of his dream?
	C.  Joseph's interpretation from God (25-36).
		1.  Both dreams mean 7 ____________ followed by 7 _______________ .
		2.  Joseph's advice (33-36):

III.  God Raises Up His Servant (37-57).

	A.  The rewards of God's servant (37-45).
		1.  (v. 40-44):
		2.  (v. 45):
	B.  The faithfulness of God's servant (46-57).
		1.  Faithful to Pharaoh.
		2.  Faithful to God.  What evidence do we see of this?

	Who is in control of your life?


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