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Genesis 42

Author: Kent Berghuis

"Unfinished Business"
or, "The Dream Almost Comes True"

(Genesis 42)

	_______ naturally brings _______ which naturally brings _______ and ________.

I.  God will fulfill His plan (1-9).

	Why did Jacob keep Banjamin at home?

	Compare v. 9 with Joseph's earlier dream (37:5-9).  Has the dream been fulfilled?

II.  God will always deal with sin in His time (10-28).

	A.  Joseph's tests.

		Test 1:  Everyone thrown in _______ for ____ days.

		Test 2:  ________ kept in prison, others sent to bring __________.

		Test 3:  Filled their bags with ________ as well as grain.

	B.  The brothers' reactions.

		Reaction 1 (v. 21):  They remember their crime against __________.

		Reaction 2 (v. 28):  _______ is doing this to punish us!

III.  God's people must learn to deal with their sin correctly (29-38).

	Note verse 31.  Were they "honest men"?

	Reuben makes an offer (v. 37).  Is this a good way to deal with the situation?

	Jacob chooses to _______.


	Do you have any unresolved guilt in your life?  God is at work right now teaching 
you to face it.


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