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Genesis 43-44

Author: Kent Berghuis

"To Egypt and Back Again"
or, "Can Wild Animals Be Tamed?"

(Genesis 43-44)

	What things about people never change?
	What things about people can change?

I.  A Test for ______________ (ch. 43).

	A.  Preparing for the second trip to Egypt (43:1-14).

		How has Judah changed? 
		How does Jacob change in response?

	B.  The reception in Egypt (43:15-25).

		Compare this reception to the first time they met Joseph.  How do you 	
	think the brothers felt?

	C.  The "power lunch" (43:26-34).

		Joseph did two unusual things at this lunch:


II.  The test for ___________ (ch.44).

	A.  The test ____________ (44:1-17).

		1.  The accusation (1-5).
		2.  The defense (6-9).
		3.  The penalty (10).
		4.  The evidence (11-13).
		5.  The verdict (14-17).

	B.  The test ___________ (44:18-34).

		Judah offers himself as Benjamin's __________.  This reminds us of 
		__________ _________ who is a substitute for our sins.

Conclusion:  Are you willing to change the parts of your life that don't please God?


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